Friends of the Community Path Meeting Notes
Name of scribe: André Leroux
Names of attendees: [Joel has list]
Date: February 10th 2003

Important Updates
1.RFP(a). The City of Somerville has issued an RFP for final design of the community path segment between Cedar and Central Streets. An addendum was filed regarding keeping the VNA fire lane separate from the path which resulted in a design cost increase of $5,000 (The city has hased the Friends to pay for this, which we've said we will). (Joel)

2.RFP(b). The next RFP to be filed by the City will be for an extended feasibility study for the entire length of the path. (Joel)

3.Bikes Belong Grant. The Friends received a grant of $10,000 from Bikes Belong, a biking industry lobbying group. (Bryce)

4.Environmental investigation. Since the MBTA will not permit environmental testing or site assessment on their property, and the City of Somerville wants to be cautious before taking on liability or remediation, the Friends group has undertaken some phase 1 research on key properties adjoining the Cedar to Central rail corridor. Although the research is not yet complete, first glance does not turn up red flags. (Allan/Sam)

5.E-mail list. No update. (Arun)

6.Website. There is a new gateway page. Submit comments to Bryce. (Bryce)

7.Fiscal Sponsorship. Discussions are under way with Groundwork-Somerville to become the 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor of the Friends group, which should help us gain access to more grants without the paperwork of becoming a 501(c)3 ourselves. (Lynn)

Other Topics Discussed
8.There was an issue raised regarding whether operating through a fiscal agent would be an obstacle for accessing some good sources of philanthropic funds. Jurgen thought that it would be, given his fundraising experience.

9.Some of the newcomers asked the question about whether there any thought was given to formalizing the organizational structure of the Friends. The response was no.

10.A concern was expressed about how to get newcomers involved immediately so that they would stay involved.

Action Items
11.Delegation will return to the DEP office in Wilmington to finish property research in 2-3 weeks. (Allan and Dan)

12.Investigate possibility of developing a summer internship with Tufts and Groundworks. (Gabrielle/Lynn)

13.Begin East Somerville outreach by growing e-mail list, soliciting letters of support and formulating strategy. (Andr)

14.Update flyer. (Lynn)

15.Work on getting HPP funding from Congressional delegation for Mass Central Bikeway. (Bryce)

* Next Friends meeting: March 10th
* Montrose community meeting: March 11th
* TrailLink 2003 rail trail conference: June 26-29th in Providence RI