Meeting Minutes: Friends of the Community Path 03/11/2002


Attendees: Karen, Kate, Lynn, Ron, Turil, Alan, Tim, Bill, Kindra, Bob, John Mann, Martha, Bryce, Joel



Joel: juicy quotes for letters of support to Kindra

Kindra: Get quotes onto web-page and other marketing materials.

Lynn: Thankyou note to O2 yoga.

Joel: Send new mission statement to the list.

Ron: Keep updated on Historic Ride.

Bryce: Maps! He has a bunch of little maps that show individual houses. People could mark off their houses to show their support. He also has large black and white maps with dotted line for possible path extension. This is also available on little postcards (20 cents each to make).


Letters of support:

We have 34 letters of support! We need to keep getting them.



O2 yoga donated a class ($311). We should do more things like this.


Trip Report: Joel and Bryce go to Citizen's Action Committee They gave a 10 minute presentation (Bryce got them on the agenda). Everything between the old dam and the new dam on the charles (near the science museum) will become parks. They have a design for a 2 milliion dollar bridge around the science museum for bikes and peds. It was a very targeted discussion towards what they are doing with that land. One person was negative on having more bicycles. Alterantely, North Station could be a logical bicycle destination.



Mark Boyle is the new MBTA real-estate guy. He's really nice. Likes paths and non-motorized transport to T stations. Happy to moderate and/or setup meeting with the T.


Mission Change:

"Extend the path to the Charles River" not just "Lechmere and hand it over". When updating new things change mission. Joel will send new mission to the list when he gets it.


Bridge Update:

The Red Bridge (bridge over railroad tracks by Brickbottom), which the path wanted to go over, is likely to be torn down by the T. Not that they have money to do so. Issue is with flooding in the tracks underneath. Bridge over Washington st near McGrath Hwy. Supposedly they have drawings for rebuilding it.


What should we do to start talking to the T? -Friends vs Somerville talking first -Somerville has some open issues with the T (a strained relationship over past issues) -Do we want to have a "new guard" guy introduce us to the T? -We also have some old guard connections Tabled. Action item to have T outreach meeting group meet and keep ears open for new/better contacts at the T.


Community Outreach:

Martha: We're ready! 1st Mar 12, 7-830 We have four prepared scattered along the path We are flyering neighborhoods, have sent email to list serves, Art's Council mailing list, Somerville Journal, Library is doing own postering.


Expected Q's and good answers: Crime: (We will have a community police officer at the meeting) Joe Viola: "Existing path is like a city, be smart" paths are safer than parking lots, etc Use equals safety. People who steal stuff drive. Want to be in a car, anonymous. -Do we have local statistics? Minuteman safety data?


Noise: Paths are quiet compared to noise of a car going by. Probably temporary street noise.

Fences: We can require fences. Mostly there are existing fences. Many might prefer to not have them. Can easily fence later. Shrubbery is more attractive than fence between railroad track and path.

Hours: open all night, like existing path.

What can I do to help: Need matrix of 1, 5, 10 minute activities.


Spreading the word:

Lots of possible events- City wide cleanup day (May 5) Somerville Open Studios (May 5/6) Bike to Work Week, with Redbones (May 13) Historic Ride (May 18) Artbeat (July 20) Wake up the earth festival in J.P.



Has cool new round logo.



Bryce: it would be nice to have strength and money when we talk to the T. Jeff agrees that money on the table is key. Need individual donations. Small donations are not tax deductable, big ones are. Should we have "membership dues"? Will have a pay pal credit card donation on the web site.


Next meeting April 8 -bob