Friends of the Community Path

Meeting Notes 19-May-2003

Attendees: Joel Bennett, Dan Bianco, Alan Moore, Turil, Lynn Weissman, Joe Sandson, John Hoppe, Judith daSilva, Bryce Nesbitt

Scribe: John Hoppe

Important Updates:

Joel showed the group plans for the new bike path crossing designs at Davis Square. These should better direct and separate bike traffic from foot traffic, especially at the Elm St. entrance to the Davis Sq. T stop. Note this is the ONLY place where we support the idea of separating bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the path.

The design plans for the Cedar-Lowell St. section of the community path are proceeding at a measured pace ― there was a delay while some additional elements were added to the plans.

In Watertown, a new path is in the planning/preparation phase. It is possible to imagine that in the future, the Watertown path may be joined to the existing Charles river path and also to the Cambridge/Alewife section of the Minuteman Trail. Very exciting prospects!

Somerville is one of 38 finalists in the running for a Robert Wood Johnson foundation grant of $200,000 to improve community health. Of the finalists, 25 winners will be chosen. Obviously the community path would represent a great opportunity for increased exercise for Somervillians.

Alan Moore is finalizing an environmental impact research study of the MBTA land that is the proposed site of the community path. There is an ongoing effort to devise ways that the various cities along the path?s way, and/or the MBTA itself, could purchase environmental liability insurance, to ease the financial concerns surrounding its construction.

Votes & Decisions

Potluck backyard meeting on June 16! New location! New Date! For the 2-year anniversary meeting of the Friends, the meeting will include a potluck dinner in the back yard of 42 Alpine St., Somerville. Alpine runs between Cedar and Lowell streets, next to the unused rail line that will be the first section of the new path extension. The potluck will start at 6 pm. Please bring a dish or snacks. There will be a grill provided. Everyone welcome.

Major Topics

Parcel 29F, the area where the Big Dig passes over the Charles River. Discussions are beginning on this very complex area.

Action Items Promised