Friends of the Community Path -- Meeting Minutes 05-Aug-2002

Present:  Joel Bennett, Kindra Crick, Turil Cronburg, Mike Flanigan, Jade Vinson, Lynn Weissman
Minute Taker: Lynn Weissman

Next meeting: Monday, September 9

* $1 Million environmental bond bill
- State Rep. Tim Toomey made a guest appearance at our meeting to express his support re: the Million dollar bond bill for the path.
  We were all quite surprised and pleased with his impromptu visit.

* Artbeat Table
- We received ~$300 in donations during Artbeat, bringing our funds raised to date to ~$5000
- We collected ~100 new e-mail addresses, bringing our mailing list to a ~500 people
- Turil, who coordinated the Community Artist Rendition of the Path at the table, was interviewed by Somerville Community Access Television.

* City/MBTA lease status
- Somerville city officials have begun formal meetings with MBTA and Cambridge Health Alliance to gain access to the right of way from Cedar to Central Street.  Hooray!

* Tour de Somerville Bike Ride, October date TBA.
- Friends of the Community Path are co-sponsoring the Tour de Somerville Bike Ride with the Somerville Bike Committee.

* Alders meeting
- Joel is presenting an update of our progress at the August 8 Alders meeting.   (FYI, it went really well, and we gave them fun materials to read.)

* Website updates
- Web search engines can now find us.
- The number of web site visitors is automatically tallied and we know where they linked to us from (search engines, web links, etc.).
- Meeting minutes are up to date.

* MBTA/City/Wetland/Brownfields issues
- Joel met with Somerville Green Space Coordinator.  She will research whether the area beneath the Lowell St. Bridge 
  is considered wetlands and, if so, how we need to be sensitive to it.

Action Items:
* Collect  more 'bike industry' support letters
- Strida Bicycles
- Boston Bike Tours
- Cambridge Bicycle Exchange
- AIDS ride
- Bicycle Exchange (Jade V.)
- Special Purpose Vehicles (Mike F.)

* Contact Greg Palmer of the Somerville Bike Committee to get involved with the Tour de Somerville Bike Ride, October date TBA (flier, work on flier design, organizing, etc.) (617)-623-0750.

* We should get a group photo at the sign on Cedar St. Maybe at Groundwork maintenance days there, September 12 (Thurs. eve) and September 21 (Saturday)

* Kindra will be put up more photos on the web site from Joel, add new supporters, new minutes, and the date for upcoming Groundwork events,