Friends of the Community Path Meeting Notes

Scribe:								Date:
Marjorie Nichols/Joel Bennett					09/08/03

Marjorie Nichols, Joel Bennett, Lynn Weissman, Bryce Nesbitt, Angela
Meehan, Sam Nejame, Eva Casey, Philip Chonacky, Jon Grosshans, Allan Moore

Important Updates: 
Design Status
Surveying for the Cedar to Central phase of the Community Path has begun.

As usual was a big success. We raised $450.00. Got lots of people on our
e-mail list, and gave hundreds of kids rides in our canoes that are towed
by bicycles.
Active living by design Grant
Somerville will receive $200,000 grant. Some of that money will fund a
half time Bicycle/Pedestrian coordinator for the City. 

Masspike Grant
FOTCP helping city apply for a $57,000 Masspike tourism grant that will
put historical signage to encourage path users to explore historical
landmarks in Somerville. Last year with the help of the FOTCP the city
received  a  $50,000  grant which is helping design the Cedar to Central
segment of the path as we speak.

EPA study into rail contamination
Steve Winslow (Bike to the Sea) received a grant from the EPA looking at
rail contamination nationally and locally. The study will determine what
is there and how to clean it up. This will be good for path projects all
over the state.

Somerville Transportation equity Partnership (STEP) and the Greenline
STEP organized a letter writing campaign to the MPO asking for better
transit for the citizens of Somerville. Of the 600 letters the MPO
received 85% came from Somerville.
FOTCP will continue to work with STEP, and the MBTA to insure that the
Community Path is included in any transit projects.

Action Items:
East Somerville Outreach	
As always we are looking for members of FOTCP to help us involve the East
Somerville Community in the Community Path.

Davis Square Study
FOTCP and the T could benefit from a study in Davis Square asking T users
how far they traveled to get to the T. If the study showed that people
were traveling farther because of the existing path it would be another
very tangible benefit to extending the path.

Groundworks path cleanups
September 10th and 24th 6:00-8:00 pm existing path.

Tour de Somerville
Saturday, October 18th, 10:00am. The theme is transportation in Somerville
past and present.

Next FOTCP meeting
Monday, October 20th, 7:00-8:30pm, 112 Belmont St.